16 October 2012

And so it came to pass that Prof B. Worm had passed away

Many of you might not know about Professor B. Worm. He was the "Founder and Head Cheese of the World-Unrenowned Worm University". I myself have never actually met the man. I met his blog, some time ago, when I first started my adventures in "blog-dom".

His name was Charlie. He started his blog many years before my journey. So when I first got hooked on his blog I had a lot of catching up on. Wow, could that man write!

I havent really been on my blog since forever. And my last post was more of a rush job to get the latest round of Photographer's Delight in. After I logged out I thought "Damnit! I forgot to check and see how Cha-lee is doing!" (Yes, that's the way I hear it in my mind when I thought of his blog). I meant to log back on but was likely side tracked by laundry, the dog needing to go outside, our Munchkin climbing onto something he shouldnt have. And I never got to log back in. Every so often I'd wonder how he was doing. If you didnt know, then I'll tell you .. he'd been really really sick. He kept on blogging through his illness even when he was having trouble seeing.

And so it would go I'd find myself wondering what had happened to Cha-lee and if there had been any more posts at the oddest moments when I couldn't just check the computer - washing dishes, driving the car, in the grocery store, things of that nature.

So tonight I was sitting and crocheting 2 Dalek hats (yes 2 at once, it can be done. I'll show you some time if you're THAT interested) and I thought of Cha-lee and was wondering if he'd blogged his last, or if he was still blogging. The last time I "checked in with Cha-lee" was January, and it would seem that that one was his last blog post. Less than a month later he had passed away. I'm golad I got to read his last blog post when it was still new, and regret not checking in all those other times I had meant to log in (it had been so long I actually had to do a password reset!).

So I will always think of Cha-lee as a well known book that can be read and reread but know that there are sadly no more books in the sequel.

Goodnight, Professor B. Worm