05 February 2014

A Year Gone *poof!* .. so what's new?

Yep .. it's been a whole year (plus a few days) since I last blogged about NRD. What can I say .. I'm a busy busy Momma!
Still crafting :) And the creativity has been flowing! Lots of new items came out of my gray matter, including a lot more Geekery! My husband has been an awesome support .. even though I *KNOW* my bins, bags, and "barely organized chaos" drives him bonkers. And I'm sure that my latest project (Nancy's Naturals Shoppe - click here to see it) must really drive him crazy because it's even more crafty goodness in the house.
I've been debating making a website (outside of Blogger, Etsy, and facebook) for a while now because with both shops and the kids, the house, life in general who has time. Apparently me because my crazy brain had me starting a new website for NRD. Granted, I'm still working on it so it isn't "live" yet. Hopefully it will be in about a week, then I'll post the page here for all to see :)
Well, TTFN (as Tigger would say) :)