17 March 2011

Fingers to the "grind stone"

Trying to craft with a teething 10 months old is not easily accomplished. But press on I do!

Last week our computer got a virus. When we got the "screen of doom" the memory card from my camera was in the hard drive. Somehow it zapped all the pictures I had taken. Lovely! I hate to admit it, but I was glad that it was only pictures of my wares. THOSE are easily replaced .. just take them again. Pictures of kids over the past 2 weeks .. those can't really be retaken.

So I've retaken the pictures (of the finished baby hats) and they are now up in the shop. I have the pictures set for the "Elora" hat, but I'm not going to post them yet until little Elora gets her hat in the mail. Dont want to ruin the surprise or anything. ;)

Just a little bit of time to blog between loads of laundry (lol). I still need to go get those crocheted flowers from the bedroom to see how they came out. Munchkin's been having a hard time with sleeping at night because of his teeth (FINALLY) coming in that I didnt want the light to bother him, so I crocheted the flowers by light of the TV. It wasn't a complicated pattern (easily memorized) but it was a newbie to me. But it was nice to have my feet up while I crocheted. And Stevie Ray Vaugh on PBS was great to listen to while crocheting. :)

.... And then the Munchkin woke up and said "Feed Me! I'm Hungry!" or rather "Errrrm *grunt*" Haha

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