28 March 2011

Such a blah kind of day

It's nearing 11AM and it's as dark in the house as it was at 6.45 this morning. 60% chance of rain today and 80% for tonight and tomorrow turned into an all out storm this morning. Glad that Hubby has a spare of his uniform in his truck in case he gets drenched!

I'm still nursing a pretty horrible case of sunburn that I got across my back and backs of my upper arms on Saturday. Add that to the head cold, nasty throat & tonsils and it's the makings for a "get nothing accomplished" sort of day. BUT .. on top of the lovely pile of *ouch* and *eww* there's a teething 10m old. 2 had already broken the surface and are on their way to full on out. 2 more have just broken the surface in the past 2 days. So that's 4 of the little suckers coming in at once. That makes for a VERY cranky munchkin! FINALLY got him to lay down for a nap, but between the pain (even after orajel and tylenol!) and the thunder, he's having a very restless kind of nap - poor little guy! Even Kipper isnt making him smile all that much.

Goober has a laundry list of make up assignments (we put his Spring Break 2 weeks ahead of his virtual school's break) so I figured today would be a great day to sit, listen to the rain, and get to work on the million and one new crafty ideas swirling thru my head. I've got an Etsy Showcase coming up on the 14th and want to get more things in there before hand. I dont think much will get done today though :(

The bright side of today is that tonight's dinner is soup and I made the base and froze it mid-last week. All I'll have to do, is pop it in a pot, add the rest of the ingredients "et voilá" dinner is served! Just wish I had some orange juice in the house to chug while I wait until it's time to start dinner. But we ran out and since it's a downpour I wont be popping out to pick any up (Damn you Murphy's Law!!) but there's plenty of tea in this house. And, should the storm interrupt the power - the stove is gas :)

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