26 April 2011

Gearing up ... for a nap


But in reality I have a million and one things to do. I just lack the drive at the moment. Counting down to Munckin's first birthday (4/30). So much left to do, so little time. And all I want is a nap! Munchkin hasn't been sleeping much (or all that well) lately because he cutting load of teeth all at once. Which means no sleep for Mommy too.

All that while trying to homeschool Goober, take care of the house, work on the couponing so we can save some money where we can to apply the savings to thing that they dont have coupons for ... like electric, water, gas, get things together for the BDay party (I'm doing all the cooking/baking), looking for a new place to live, packing up knick knacks here and there so they are ready to go when we find a place, and trying to find some down time so I dont burn out while constantly logging into email to see if I got the job I applied for. Nerve wracking indeed!

Unforunately that leaves me no time to craft :( Maybe after the party I'll have time to craft again (I hope).

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