08 May 2011

A Nice Quiet Mother's Day

Husband is working, the 2 older boys are with their mother and Munchkin is sleeping. *sigh* :) A nice and quiet bit of time to myself. (Though there is no guarantee how long it will last as tooth #5 broke the surface last night, so he may not nap long). A million and one things I'd like to get done since he is sleeping, but taking a few minutes to myself .. ya know .. seeing as it's Mother's Day and all - I feel a little break from housework is in order ;)

In other news, I've added yet ANOTHER site to my list making it 4 now. Yep .. that's right, in addition to an Etsy shop, a blog, and a facebook page, I'm now on betterfly as a knit/crochet teacher :) http://betterfly.com/nellyrose So I'm taking my "me" time to get my little site up and looking nice :) I announced the lessons on facebook a few days ago. And now I'm getting some advertising in thee. Only thing is ... the car died yesterday. Again! *grumble!* Hopefully when our real estate lady gets back on Monday there will be good news and we can get out of this over priced ghetto and then get the car fixed. Damn Catch 22s!

Well, not going to let it ruin my day :) I think I'm going to go put on the kettle, have a cuppa (with my feet up if I'm lucky enough) and then get back to work around here.

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