11 May 2011

In with the new .. I hope

Ok, so that's generally a New Years adage and seeing as it's the beginning of May you may thing I'm a bit behind. I guess I am, in a way, behind. By .. oh, a year or two I'd say. What I need the most to be "new" is to be out of limbo. The rock and a hard place, the Catch 22, Murphy's Law. I need to be done with all those things for a while. I need to send them all on vacation! Or rather, maybe I just need a vacation from them. Either way you want to phrase it, it doesn't matter. No one is going on vacation. Can't put money towards it if there are other more important things to pay for .. like food, rent, electric, and water. I put those pretty high on the priority list.

So .. what will it take to get things fresh and new? Well, I've been looking for a job for 3 years, so that's nothing new. I've been applying and getting bounce back messages that inform me that because of the overwhelming response, only those that will be considered for the job will be contacted for an interview. Yeah, makes sense. But just how long is said wait? When do I consider these jobs "lost causes"? That would be more helpful that the obvious "we're only contacting people to interview". Uh, yeah, got it. That's common sense. Still looking and finding it more and more disheartening as time passes. That, and frustrating!

Even more frustrating is our current living situation. We're paying way too much in rent for the type of place and neighborhood we currently reside in. Did a little research and come to find out that in the 2 years we've lived here we've paid just over 40% of the mortgage off. Yeah, I get that the guy needs to charge us more than his monthly mortgage to make a profit otherwise what would be the point for him. But for what we're paying, we could have bought the damn place! Then again, if we were actually buying, we wouldn’t buy here! Don’t get me wrong, our landlord can be a pretty nice guy. But nice only gets you so far. He bought this 1/2 of the duplex from the owner. Then we came to see it. You would think he could have at least swept the (*^*^(%!$# floor! We had to scrub the walls and paint, not mop but scrub the floors, rip out the contact paper in the cabinets and sand everything down to get beyond the filth that was UNDER the contact paper. This all came out of OUR pockets. Two months ago the glass & screen door fell out (not off, out) because of shoddy construction. I ended up scratched and bruised. He said he'd be by in a few days. Two months later and the door hasn’t been fixed.

The search for a new place is on! Looking for a better (safer) neighborhood. At the same time, we need to pay less in rent so that we can attempt to pay off bills and get caught up, and I need to find some form of income because the one isn’t enough. So the searches continue while we hang in limbo waiting for things to get better.

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