10 July 2011

Too busy for June .. on to July!

June was a busy yet slightly unproductive month (as far as crafting goes). I started writing .. publishing on Yahoo's Contributor Network. Also been looking for something with steady and better pay. AND something opposite my husband's crazy hours.

Then there's the no sleeping lately since Munchkin hasn't been sleeping thru the night. Growth spurt? Teething? Both?

But I've been getting back into crafting again after a bit of a hiatus. Hoping to get SOMETHING accomplished in what's left of this weekend! I told myself I was going to sit down and work on some UFOs (UnFinished Objects) before I start anything new. I'm sooooo close to finishing a dress I stopped working on over a year ago. Sat down with it today and FINALLY saw what I wanted to do to finish it! YAY! Except that I had to put it back down since I dont have any emroidery thread that matches the Crochet thread for the dress. GRRRRRR! And with only 3 working tires on the van, it's not like I can head to JoAnn's, Michael's or Walmart to get any!

So, now I'll look for something else to work on while trying NOT to think about finishing up that dress. (yeah right!)

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