27 July 2011

Busy little bee

Busy little bee .. YEP, that's me!

Got the approval on the new place and we are OUTTA here! We moved in on the 23rd of December 2008. In that time the neighborhood has gone so down hill so fast that Olympic skiers are amazed at the speed! From people beating the crap out of each other in their driveways, to the nut bar that beat up his girlfriend with a hammer, to having the street closed by the cops and a mobile CSI unit to investigate a few houses down. Yeah .. it's time to get OUT!

So I've been packing and packing. And throwing away a lot of things. And deciding what furniture goes, what stays, and what will go on the curb. Note to self: Don't forget to clear out the attic!! We can pick up the keys on Friday but won't officially start the lease until the 1st. Our new landlord said we could move in a few boxes ahead of time if we needed to. Might take over some of the clothes and boxes of dishes and things - small stuff we can use our van for. It'll also make it so we might save a trip in the UHaul too!

I feel bad for our duplex neighbors though since they own their 1/2. They are the nicest, sweetest people you could ever meet! They have kids too. And this neighborhood just isn't safe anymore! They're the only people I ever bothered getting to know and I'm actually going to miss living next door to them!

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