02 December 2010

And so it begins .. in a blog

Ok!  So ... NRD has now got a blog! :)

As if I didn't already have a full plate, I got the insane idea this morning to start a blog for NRD.  I'm chalking it up lack of sleep due to a teething 7 month old ;)

Nelly Rose Designs .. what is it and how did it start:
NRD is a little home business I started so I can work from home.  It's a hodge-podge of knit, crochet, sewn, artsy, stationery, photography .. all but the kitchen sink.  I need that .. no disherwasher here. 
I opened shop in March of 2009 on Etsy.  But the ins and outs of how it started probably come from all the crafty goodness as a kid including my dream of going to FIT after graduating high school.  I never made it to FIT.  If I could go back and change it so I did go .. I wouldn't.  Sounds bonkers, I know.  But if I did that, my feet would never have touched the path that led me to meeting my husband who keeps me motivated, inspired, and gives me a 100% honest answer when I say "What do you think?"

I've been sewing forever.  My first project was when my Grandmother helped me make a stuffed animal that used an old pair of pantyhose as it's face. Since then, I was hooked!  Pattern, no pattern - it doesn't matter.  I love sewing :)  I even made my own wedding dress (sans pattern and NOT white). 

Photo: Randi Krog Belseth
Cloudberry Fotografiskeglimt

But I've always wanted to learn to knit and crochet.  So, in the beginning of 2009 I went to Joann Fabric and bought a teach yourself to knit kit.  It came with a book a set of #6 and #8 knitting needles, a stitch counter, some stitch markers, and a stitch holder.  It took me FOREVER to learn to cast on.  It's laughable now, but was SOOOO frustrating then!  I never read the entire book and I wonder what ever happened to it. 

Watching the TV show "Knit & Crochet Today" fed my need to knit, and picqued my interest in crochet.  So .. I went and got some hooks.  This time around I didn't get the teach yourself book.  I just watched what they did and copied it (same as how I learned to play the drums).  About a month ago we got cable and I'm hooked on the show "Knitty Gritty" now too.

And now it's time to let my home schooler get back on the computer for his live lesson.  Which means a 2nd cup of coffee and loosing myself in some yarn until he needs help or the baby wakes up from his nap ;)


  1. A very warm welcome to the world of blogging, Lisa. *knus*

  2. Mange Tak! *knus!*

    PS .. did u see the picture I added above? ;)