06 December 2010

*ouch!* There's no hurt quite like ....

... having to frog a 2'x2.5' section of knitting that took DAYS to do! Having to sit and rip and rip and rewind the ball and rip and wind and rip and wind until I got to that dreaded dropped stitch. I hate you dropped stitch!

So .. now it's back to knitting that 2' long section and then the remaining 2-3' I still had to go prior to frogging! So, I've been sitting on the couch while munchkin naps with my knitting in my lap and the crochet owl hat next to me. Then after knitting for a while, I'll put it on the other side of me on the couch and then pick up the hat. Crochet for a bit, rinse, repeat. And all this while working on homeschool with Billy, washing a load of dishes, taking out the trash, and trying to figure out why the car wont start.

Never a dull moment in this house! HAHA!

The definition of multi-tasking .....

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