13 December 2010

A breather

I finished the shawl yesterday. Funny thing is, all I had to do was bind off and weave in the ends. It wasn't procrastination, it was a cranky munchkin the night before. I also finished something for my mother for the holidays, but that one I can't post a picture until AFTER she's seen it. Still loads more to get done before the holidays get here .. and hoping I can get it all done! (Also need to include time to ship so everything gets there in time!!) This year December just snuck up on me!

I know .. I know! I should get a move on rather than be on here. But 5 minutes with my morning coffee is a nice way to start the day. Ok, so prior to coffee was packing Matt's lunch box, making the coffee and filling his to-go mug, changing the baby's diaper, emptying the dish drain and then giving it it's weekly scrub down. So .. 5 mins to blog and have coffee is a nice thing indeed! (Well, maybe 10 minutes - LOL)

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