02 December 2010

So it didn't go as I planned .... but ...

Ok .. so the day didn't go quite as planned. I never did get to play with the yarn like I'd hoped. I logged off so Goober could do school and went to look at my boxes of yarn and bins of all things crafty and tried to think of a better way to organize it all (rather than open and close boxes). But the wee one woke up.

Then there was laundry and dishes and mopping. And trying to get my blog set up so I could link the NRD facebook and get my Mini Etsy on there. So .. atleast I got that accomplished (Thanks Randi!)

On the bright side .. I've had an order in the shop. Always exciting when someone finds one of my items purchase worthy. :) It always puts me in a creative mood too. I'm thinking bells .. something with bells .. something holiday festive. :)

We shall see .......

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