05 December 2010

And then there were two

Matt & the boys just left for the flea market, leaving munchkin and I at home. Except for the sounds of Logan babbling while he's watching "Kipper" and the washing machine going, the house is pretty quiet.

It's 70 here (and still an hour before noon), so I think I'll open the windows up and get a nice breeze going thru. I'd love to just sit and put my feet up, but this is prime time to get the housework done (dusting, sweeping, mopping, washing the dishes, etc etc).

Maybe later I'll get to put my feet up. After Matt and the boys get back and the chaos of moving furniture to put up the tree is over and done with. Funny that it's 70 out ad we're putting up the tree. Moved to Florida in January 08 and I'm STILL not used to all of this. It's made even "funnier" by the fact that the Kipper episodes munchkin is watching are all about snow! Haha! Maybe next year you can see/play in the snow, munchkin!

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