07 December 2010

Unplanned day of "leisure"

I had every intention of getting things done around the house today. Honest I did! I even had to loads of dishes washed by 9.

So .. where does the wrench in the works come in? I had Goober start a load of his laundry. Everything was fine until 1/2 way thru the 1st dry cycle. I was in the living room and heard "thumpedy-thump" coming from the laundry room. I take everything out of the dryer to see if anything is stuck, ope. I restart the dryer and it's still banging away. I take everything out of the dryer and restart it .. STILL making noise. So .. either a belt is loose somewhere, or something didnt get emptied out of a pocket and is clanging around the inside of the machine. And now I've got a load of warm partially dry clothes in the dryer and a load of wet towels hanging out in the washer. Ducky!

Oh .. and did I mention that the car STILL wont start? Turn the key and I get straining followed by draining. Lovely! It's not like I'd planned on leaving the house today, but Munchkin has a doc appointment this week. And since it's a 90+min drive in one direction it's not like I can call a cab.

Munchkin has yet to nap longer than 10 minutes, so that puts sweeping and mopping on hold. Seeing as he's awake, I'd vacuum, but Goober is out cold. He spent the night at his mother's last night. He was STILL up at 11PM playing online games on her computer. That's WAY past his bedtime on a school night. But what does she care, she only sees him 2 nights a week and every other weekend. sigh

So .. what have I accomplished besides 2 loads of dishes (and w/o a dishwasher, yes, it's actually doing something)? Well, I've made up for all the frogging on the shawl. I haven't done it ALL today, I stayed up a bit later than planned last night working on it. But (*fingers crossed*) I'll finish without incident tomorrow :) And then I might make one for myself as I looooove the feel of it! Light weight and totally snuggly!

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